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The green ray. Earth's sky

The green ray. Earth's sky

The phenomenon known as the green ray began to become popular after the success of one of the novels of the French writer Julio Verne, called "The Green Lightning", of 1882. It tells the adventures of Sam and Sib Melvilla, who seek a setting Sun where you can see the famous green ray, or green flash in English. This curious phenomenon exists, but it is not very correct to call it green lightning. It is not a ray, it is rather a flash, nor does it have to be green, since it also appears in bluish, yellowish or violet tones.

The green ray is a natural phenomenon that is produced by the refraction and dispersion of sunlight when it is near the horizon, where mirages are formed. As the sun approaches the horizon, atmospheric refraction separates the different colors of our solar star. On the top edge of the star appear, in this order, violet, blue and green. The violet and blue tones are dispersed by the atmosphere, with which there is a brief moment in which a green flash is visible on the upper edge of the disc.

This curious phenomenon can also occur with the Moon and other planets, although it is invaluable to the human eye. Whether you want to see it, or photograph it, you can't even blink, since the green ray of the Sun barely lasts one or two seconds.

Although there are no ideal conditions to be able to contemplate the green ray, it is advisable to look for an area without pollution, in which the horizon is clear. Green rays usually occur with greater intensity over the sea, as can be seen in the image.

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