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Aurora in Norway. Earth's sky

Aurora in Norway. Earth's sky

Norway is one of the best places on our planet to see auroras boleares. The one that appears in the image was captured in the town of Tromso, but can be seen throughout the country. However, the best places are above the Arctic Circle, in the northern part of Norway or in the Svalbard Islands. It is a large belt of northern lights that begins in Northern Norway, in the Lofoten Islands, and continues up the coast, in the North Cape.

Norway is undoubtedly the best place on Earth to spot auroras. The same northern lights can be seen in Tromso as in Lofoten, but from a different angle. It is always preferable to be inland, where the weather is drier and the skies are more clear. Sometimes, when strong winds blow from the east, the sky on the coast is even cleaner than in the interior areas.

The best time to enjoy the northern lights in Norway is between the autumn and spring equinox, from September 21 to March 21. They are more common in late autumn and winter. The most appropriate months to see them are October, February and March. Best time? Between six in the afternoon and one in the morning.

Complying with these guidelines, we will surely enjoy one or more Northern Lights in Norway. It goes without saying that it is convenient to avoid full moon days and places with excessive light pollution, in addition to wearing warm clothes, we are in Norway!

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