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The glory. Earth's sky

The glory. Earth's sky

Looking through the window of an airplane, you may be lucky to see "Glory" in the opposite direction of the Sun.

Before airplanes, this phenomenon known as the heiligenschein or the Spectrum, was sometimes seen at the top of the mountains. Then, when the conditions are necessary, one can look away from the Sun and see that a kind of great shadow appears surrounded by a bright halo. The shadow is the observer, but in the modern version it is the silhouette of the plane that frequently occupies the center of glory.

In the photograph, several concentric rings of glory were photographed. The cause of glory has only been understood recently since it is relatively complex.

Briefly, small droplets of water reflect, refract, and diffract the light of the Sun in the direction of the Sun. The phenomenon has similar understandings in other branches of science including astronomy, where looking from the Earth in the direction opposite to the Sun, another shines point called gegenschein.

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