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Fire rainbow. A planet full of mystery

Fire rainbow. A planet full of mystery

A rainbow of fire is a beautiful and rare atmospheric optical phenomenon. This type of arch, called circumhorizontal, consists of a halo formed by ice crystals, which is produced in high-level cirrus. It looks like the traditional horizontal rainbow, but it differs from it in that it is only formed by the refraction of light through the crystals in clouds of this type.

For a rainbow of fire to occur, the Sun must be high in the sky, at least 58 ° above the horizon. Of course, there has to be a presence of cirrus clouds. In addition, the ice crystals of the clouds must be aligned horizontally to be able to refract the Sun. And not all ice crystals are worth, only one of the 35 types that exist. As you can see, there are many and very specific requirements necessary for this phenomenon.

It is the correct inclination of the light and an exact position of the hexagonal crystals that produces this curious phenomenon. If the alignment is ideal, the entire cirrus cloud will be illuminated with a rainbow-shaped flame.

The rainbow of fire can be seen in areas of the planet where temperatures are very low. The most appropriate areas of the Earth are the countries of northern Europe and the coldest areas of Canada.

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