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Frozen falls. A planet full of mystery

Frozen falls. A planet full of mystery

The strong storms that have been plaguing North America for some years leave spectacular images. This is the case of this photo: Niagara Falls, which separate the United States from Canada, frozen by low temperatures. In this snapshot the temperature was 14 degrees below zero.

But if we look closely at this snapshot we can discover some more surprise. For example, that inside the waterfall, the water continues to fall in liquid form while it is frozen when it falls. And you can't hear it, but the usual rumble produced by the sound waterfall is now a gentle torrent.

These spooky images of Niagara Falls are somewhat more common on the Canadian side. Virtually every year part of the foot of the falls freezes in Ontario, giving rise to what Canadians call "the bridge." What was not usual, and now it begins to be, is that the last waves of polar cold make the ice cover cover an increasing extent.

This curious and sought after image by tourists has been attributed to climate change. But nothing further, it is a global circulation pattern known as polar vortex. Although it normally remains confined in the Arctic zone, or in the Antarctic, it sometimes has undulations, called Rossby waves, which enter the temperate zones.

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