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160 photographs to illustrate the History of Astronomy and Astronautics. In this collection of images about the History of Astronomy, taken from various sources and grouped here for their educational and cultural interest, we intend to show a series of images about the history of Astronomy and Astronautics that are attractive and interesting.

Each photograph is accompanied by a small comment to facilitate identification and understanding.

In this album there are 10 photo pages:From Prehistory to the Middle Ages
Photos of Astronomy: from Prehistory to the Middle Ages
16 photos From the Renaissance to today
Photos of Astronomy: from the Renaissance until today
16 photos Space travels. Astronautics
Photos about the History of Astronautics
16 photos Space observation
Space observation
16 photos Instruments and vehicles
Photos of astronomy instruments and vehicles
16 photos The advances in astronomy
Photos of the advances in astronomy
16 photos Learn from the experience
Astronomical technology photos: learn from experience
16 photos Astronomical research
Astronomical research photos
16 photos Astronomy and thought
Astronomy and the evolution of thought
16 photos Spanish observatories
Astronomical observatories in Spain
16 photosThe History of Astronomy and Astronautics in 160 images