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Montsec Spanish observatories

Montsec Spanish observatories

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The Montsec Astronomical Observatory is one of the most modern in Spain. Located in the Catalan town of San Esteve de la Sarga, in the Sierra Leridana del Montsec, it was inaugurated in 2008. It is managed by the University of Barcelona, ​​the Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Cataluña and various official and private entities. It has two main centers, at the top and at the foot of the mountain.

Located at 1,570 meters of altitude, the Montsec Astronomical Observatori belongs to the Parc Astronòmic Montsec, and is especially oriented to research and university training in astronomy and astrophysics

The Astronomical Observatory of the Montsec is integrated by an observation building, another destined for services and by a dome of 6.15 meters in diameter where the Joan Oró Telescope is installed, 80 cm in diameter. It is the largest and most modern telescope in Catalonia, and can be operated with it from anywhere in the world thanks to the Internet.

The Montsec Astronomical Park is open to the public throughout the year, which you can visit the Observation Center of the Universe, dedicated to the playful dissemination of astronomy; the Eye of Montsec, a digital multimedia planetarium that also serves as a platform to observe the sky live; the Telescopes Park, two buildings in whose domes are automatic telescopes for night and daytime observation, and the permanent exhibition, which revolves around astronomy and the geology, fauna and flora of Montsec.

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