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Monographic: Earth in the Universe

Monographic: Earth in the Universe

Let us remember for a moment the words that astronaut Neil Armstrong exclaimed at the time of the moon landing: "I am looking at the Earth from here. It is large, bright and beautiful."

Since that time, there have been many people who have dreamed of being able to contemplate that image with their own eyes. Once the human being left aboard space rockets, our planet was the first to be observed from space. And it was an overwhelming vision.

As seen in the image, seen from space, the Earth is a beautiful and bright blue sphere with white spots that correspond to the clouds, while the brown areas are the continents. It seems to radiate light and indeed it is so since, like the terrestrial satellite we call Luna, our planet also reflects sunlight.

The second image is a montage of several photos taken by NASA in which the exit of the Earth from the Moon is appreciated, similar to how we from our planet contemplate the sunrise.

In this chapter we will try to analyze our planet as if we were approaching it on board an imaginary ship, from the depths of the Universe. We will see how it is observed from space, fundamentally how our planet looks from the lunar surface.

We will analyze what we can know about the Earth. We will get to know its mass, its approximate shape, the reason for the strange northern lights and other features of our planet ... So without further ado, the journey begins. Can you come with us?

Approach to planet Earth

In this chapter:

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