Magnetic field

Magnetic field

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A magnetic field It is the field of forces that affects the magnets, attracting one part of the magnet and repelling another.

There are stars with important magnetic fields. Sun spots are a product of its magnetic field. Earth, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus also possess magnetic fields.

The unit for measuring magnetic fields is called magnetic induction and, in the International System of Units, is the tesla, T. A charge of a coulomb that moves with a velocity of one meter per second perpendicular to a magnetic field of a tesla Experience the strength of a Newton.

The magnetic field lines similarly describe the structure of the magnetic field in three dimensions. Field lines converge where the magnetic force is greatest and separate where it is weakest. For example, in a compact magnetized bar or "dipole", the field lines separate from one pole and converge on the other and the magnetic force is greater near the poles where they meet. The behavior of the lines in the earth's magnetic field is very similar.

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