Solar system

The windows to the Universe

The windows to the Universe

Due to the existence of the atmosphere, practically almost all the elements of space are repelled or they are very dissipated, so that they become practically harmless to the forms of terrestrial life.

In fact, the bad calls Shooting Stars they are actually rock fragments with a gaseous tail.

When the small meteorite crosses some layers of the Earth's atmosphere that are at very high temperatures, as well as warming itself by the friction caused by friction with the suspended particles, the rock fragment increases its surface temperature until it almost melts. Part of the components of these bodies pass into a gaseous state, generating the characteristic tail visible while falling towards the surface of the Earth, attracted by gravity.

Even so, we must not forget that some scientists believe that certain radiations could influence the appearance of different mutations in the genes of living beings, thus influencing the evolution of life on the planet.

Being strict, in reality the Earth's atmosphere is not totally impenetrable, but has two windows or openings to the universe that allow electromagnetic radiation to pass with certain wavelengths. The first image shows a scheme of both: the visible and the sonic.

So, you can talk about the optical window for visible light and areas close to the ultraviolet and infrared rays of the spectrum. That is why it is so important that we get used to using a protection with a sunscreen appropriate to the sensitivity of our skin, every time we expose ourselves to sunlight since this type of radiation from space and not visible, affects and damages Our tissues

For its part, the sonic window or of the sound they allow to happen to certain radio waves, specifically the short ones, while others usually bounce in the ionosphere, returning to space. If we look at the sky on a clear day, we can see several white lines left by the planes that have precisely passed this window or sound barrier, as seen in the image. When a plane crosses this limit, a great rumble similar to a huge thunder is generated, even if it does not rain.

The human being has taken advantage of this sonic opening, in his space missions so that astronauts can communicate in real time with the base located on Earth. That is also why the different artificial satellites that we have scattered throughout the Solar System can send us photographs and measurements of gases, radiations and other parameters measured throughout their travels through the nearby universe that we are just beginning to explore.

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