Solar system

The Kepler telescope

The Kepler telescope

The Kepler space telescope is one of the essential instruments for the knowledge of the more or less close universe, astronomically speaking.

Thus, thanks to the Kepler telescope we already know the existence of more than 1200 possible planets that orbit a thousand stars. Of them, more than 50 could be habitable, since they present serious similarities with our planet.

As a curiosity, to say that some of them show dimensions smaller than those of the Earth, although they are the first data we have and it is advisable to be cautious in the conclusions.

However, the data does not stop confirming what was being suspected: that nothing in the universe is unique and, if it has happened once, it is a matter of time before the same phenomenon is repeated. Thus, it has been found that there are billions of galaxies, many of them similar to ours.

And now we are discovering little by little that there are many planets similar to ours, something that was expected.

The physical laws are universal and as the name implies, true for the entire Universe, as great thinkers like Albert Einstein have been considering, when he proposed his famous Theory of Relativity, which meant a change of mentality and a new form of understanding the universe.

Discovering new planets

To discover planets, the Kepler is based on something very simple: by means of a built-in photometer it measures the brightness of the stars. When this varies it is usually because a body has passed that has momentarily covered the light, between the Kepler telescope and the star.

In the same way that if a person crosses in front of us prevents us from seeing the person we were talking to, the telescope can deduce how far the object that has crossed and its path or orbit is.

This phenomenon is called transit of a planet Between his star and the observer By knowing how far away that planet is from its sun and the presence or not of water on the planet, it can be determined if conditions conducive to life can occur.

We will have to wait to see what discoveries are made by analyzing all the data sent by the Kepler to Earth, but, for the moment (2014) it can be ensured that double systems (formed by two suns) are more frequent than previously thought.

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