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It is known as Cosmogony to the branch of Astronomy that studies the origin and evolution of large systems such as Galaxies and Star Clusters, in order to determine the age of the Universe.

It differs from Cosmology, although it later converges on it, because this second discipline deals with the origin and evolution of the Universe considered in its entirety. The main theories about the birth of our Universe and its future, even the structure we know today, are treated by Cosmology.

Cosmogony is a set of mythical, religious, philosophical and scientific theories about the origin of the world. Each culture or religion has had and has its own cosmogonic explanations.

From the terminological point of view, scientific cosmogony usually equals cosmology. However, the term "cosmogony" places more emphasis on the theoretical understanding of the "beginning," which, according to current knowledge and theories, must be understood according to the theory of the Big Bang.

Cosmology also covers the study of the current structure of the cosmos. However, since the origin and current state of the Universe can no longer be considered separately from a theoretical point of view, the distinction between cosmogony and cosmology has become obsolete in science.

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