Moon halo

Moon halo

A lunar halo consists of a luminous circumference that occurs around the Moon.

The ring is produced when the moonlight refracts as it passes through thin ice crystals. Therefore, lunar halos are only visible if there are very high, thin and cold clouds

The hexagonal shape of an ice crystal deflects the light at an angle of 22 °. Only rings with full moon have been seen or very close to being. Although rings should be produced in any of the phases of the Moon, perhaps in other positions the halo is too weak for it to be seen.

In many places the presence of the lunar halo is related to diseases. It has a certain logic: the presence of ice in the upper atmosphere on several occasions is indicative of a sudden change in the climate that mainly results in respiratory diseases.

High clouds also cause other types of phenomena called luminescent. Sometimes it is possible to see in the clouds near the Sun or the Moon the effects of light scattering with colorations similar to that of a rainbow, but in a small sector of such clouds.

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