Monte Palomar (observatory)

Monte Palomar (observatory)

It is a famous astronomical observatory located 80 km northeast of San Diego (California), at an altitude of 1,700 m.

Monte Palomar, like Monte Wilson, owes its existence to the vision and tenacity of George Hellery Hale (1868-1938), the American astrophysicist who devoted himself in particular to solar and stellar spectroscopy studies.

When it was projected, in the years immediately preceding the Second World War, the single problem of the smelting of a glass monoblock from which to obtain the main mirror and the subsequent polishing thereof, in order to obtain a mirror with the desired surface , posed enormous technical difficulties.

The construction is so enormous that the observer can be placed on the same telescope stand. The observatories of Monte Palomar and Monte Wilson were unified in 1970 under a single organization and renamed Hale Observatories. It operates under the supervision of the California Institute of Technology.

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