American space transporter used in the early 1960s for the first automatic and human exploration missions.

Performed by astronautics pioneer Werner von Braun at the US Army Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama (later renamed Marshall Space Flight Center), the Redstone was initially a mid-range intercontinental ballistic missile. Then, under the pressure of Soviet space successes, he became a space transporter.

In its basic configuration, it was a single section vehicle of 21 m. height, a diameter of 1.80 m., and a propulsion engine capable of providing a thrust of 35,380 kg. Its charging power is very limited.

The Redstone, in a modified version and provided with upper sections, was used in the launch of Explorer 1, the first American artificial satellite. It was later used as a transporter in the launch of the first American astronauts, Sheppard and Grissom, in suborbital flight in the scope of the Mercury project.

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