Earth and Moon

The time and weather

The time and weather

Unlike the geological processes, which occur slowly, the Earth's atmosphere is constantly transformed, sometimes even in a matter of minutes.

These changes, the weather What it does at all times, directly affect our health and well-being. It is very logical that we have developed the meteorology. But we are also influenced by the general climate of the place where we live. Sometimes it is decisive; the coast is not the same as the interior, the north than the south, the humidity that the aridity, at high or low altitude ...

The weather depends on many factors that make it different from one place to another. Although the point time, at any given time, may be similar in two distant places on Earth (for example, a storm), each zone has its own weather, determined by its "weather statistics". His study is in charge of another science, the climatology.

In this chapter we will try to explain and understand the fundamental aspects of weather and atmospheric weather, two related processes that, on the other hand, are truly complex.

In this chapter:

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