The era of flights and space travel

The era of flights and space travel

The navigation performed between the stars is called astronautics, that is, performed outside the Earth. It is also known as cosmonautics, since it is also performed in the cosmos.

The astronautic term has been used more in the west, hence the crews of western spacecraft are known as astronauts, while in the former USSR they were known as cosmonauts, or cosmos navigators.

When considering the possibility of leaving the Earth's atmosphere, both to orbit around the Earth and to navigate in the cosmos, the force of gravity must always be kept in mind. Gravity is the force that maintains the cohesion of the universe and that governs its mechanics. Vehicles or artifacts that fly through space are no stranger to this force.

In the second half of the 20th century, the necessary means and knowledge were obtained to build ships capable of overcoming Earth's gravity and traveling through Space.

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