The Sunjammer heading for the Sun

The Sunjammer heading for the Sun

The Sunjammer solar sail is a space project launched by scientists from Imperial College London and NASA together. Your mission will be to travel to the Sun to evaluate the effectiveness of current solar candle technology.

British scientists are designing the mission magnetometer (MAGIC) and a wind analyzer (SWAN). These will be the instruments that will study space weather. New technologies will also be tested in this field.

The Sunjammer will feature the biggest solar sail Square never built. The ship, which will be launched in January 2015, surpasses up to seven times any other solar sail created so far.

It has an area of ​​four square kilometers, the necessary to propel almost 3.2 million kilometers in the direction of the Sun. The Sunjammer will use photonic pressure (sunlight) to maneuver in space.

A special load: hair of Arthur C. Clarke

The Sunjammer candle has taken its name from a story by science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke (1917-2008), The wind of the sun. In it, Clarke was already talking about solar navigation. That is why several writer's hair will travel to the Sun aboard the Sunjammer solar sail.

Clarke is the author of numerous science fiction books, although the most popular is, without a doubt, 2001: A Space Odyssey, which was taken to the cinema by Stanley Kubrick.

The trip of the hair of Arthur C. Clarke has been prepared by the company Celestis, whose business is to send ashes of deceased to space. This is the case of the novelist Hunter S. Thompson, whose ashes were thrown into space from his farm in Colorado (USA).

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