20th century astronomers (I)

20th century astronomers (I)

Increasing reflection telescopes were built during the twentieth century, thanks to which the structure of huge and distant cosmic objects, galaxies, was revealed.

Progress in physics provided new types of instruments, sensitive to a wide variety of radiation wavelengths, including gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet, infrared and radio regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Some of them have been placed on satellites that are used as observatories in the Earth's orbit.

Astronomers study planets, stars and galaxies, of course, but also plasmas, interstellar regions, cosmic dust, black holes and microwave background radiation. A large amount of information is handled that helps to understand the initial phases of the Universe and its evolution.

This chapter contains the biographies of some famous people in the Astronomy of the twentieth century, although born in the nineteenth.

In this chapter:

Tsiolkovsky and astronautics: Konstantin Eduárdovich Tsiolkovsky (Russia, 1857 - 1935), was a prominent Soviet physicist and mathematician ... Read pageMax Planck and quantum theory: Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck was born on April 23, 1858, in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein , Germany… Read page Anna Jump Cannon and the spectral classes of stars: Annie Jump Cannon was born on December 11, 1863 in Dover, Delaware (EU… Read page Henrietta Leavitt and the variable stars (Cepheids): Henrietta Swan Leavitt was an American astronomer, known for ... Read pagePedro Paulet Mostajo, pioneer of the space age: Pedro Paulet Mostajo (Peru, 1874 - Argentina, 1945) was a leading Peruvian engineer ... Read pageWalter S. Adams and spectroscopy: Walter Sydney Adams was an astronomer who specialized in stellar spectroscopy… Read page Einstein, relativity and the nature of light: Albert Einstein is probably the best known scientist of the 20th century… Read page Goddard and his study of rockets: Robert Hutchings Goddard (United States, 1882 - 1945), was an eminent American physicist… Read page Arthur Eddington and the energy of the stars: Arthur Stanley Eddington was an astrophysicist who became famous for spreading the… Read page Erwin Schrödinger and wave mechanics: Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger was an Austrian physicist who performed… Read page Hubble and the expansion of the Universe: Hubble was an important American scientist of the twentieth century, considered the father of… Read page Milton Lasalle Humason, Hubble's best assistant: Milton Lasalle Humason (United States, 1891 - 1972), was the astronomer… Read page Hermann Julius Oberth and the rockets: The physicist Hermann Julius Oberth (Germany, 1894 - 1989), is considered one of the… Read page