Scientists who changed history

Scientists who changed history

In addition to astronomers, physicists and mathematicians, other scientists have made important discoveries that have changed history and determine our current way of life.

Science drives the advancement of humanity. One could even speak of an "age of science" that represents the most recent period of human evolution.

Chemistry, biology, geology ... in all sciences there are advances that, with more or less importance, have an impact on others, also on astronomy. Without them, astronomers would continue to look at the sky in the naked eye and wondering what is out there. And space travel probably wouldn't exist in the imagination.

In general, all sciences share a purpose (know, generate knowledge), about criteria (truthfulness, permanent correction) and the master lines of a methodology which we know as the "scientific method". Scientific discoveries must be reasonable, verifiable and structured in the form of "laws" that allow predictions to be made, that is, to know how what is being studied will behave in the future.

The current paradigm of science is the interdisciplinarity. Thus, new sciences have appeared combining aspects of some that, two hundred years ago, seemed forever separated: biochemistry, thermodynamics, astrobiology ...

The scientists that appear in this chapter have earned their place on their own merits. We all have something to thank you for.

In this chapter:

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