Life in the Cosmos

Life in the Cosmos

Humanity always looks at the sky and asks the same question: are we alone?

In the vastness of the Cosmos, it is difficult to believe that the Earth is the only or the first where this so abundant phenomenon, called life, occurs.

Life must have also evolved in many other corners of the Universe. Insurance. Insurance? At least, that's what logic and calculations dictate, although, for now, there is no demonstrable evidence.

But what kind of life? Like ours? How likely are we to find it? And, above all, where to look?

Through these articles we raise some of these questions and expose the answers that science gives.

Our technology explores the sky in search of some trace of life beyond Earth. At the moment, we only have silence.

In this chapter:

Is there extraterrestrial life ?: How many places are there in the Universe that have the appropriate conditions to house life? Is there life… Read page Drake's equation: In 1961 SETI President Frank Drake developed an equation to calculate the probability of contacting… Read page Fermi's Paradox: In the mid-50s, physicist Nobel Enrico Fermi posed a question to his colleagues: "Where are they? ... Read pageHow to search for extraterrestrial life: In many other places in the Cosmos there must be life. It is a matter of mathematical probability ... Read pageLivable exoplanets: Since March 2009, the Kepler space probe traces the sky in Search for other habitable planets ... Read pageLife in the Solar System ?: Scientists are still hoping to find life in the Solar System.We know there is no life ... Read page Is there life in other universes ?: So far, efforts for finding life beyond Earth they have not given any results ... Read pageDifferent extraterrestrial life: Until today, Earth is the only known place where it has ev Life is solved ... It is very likely that ... Read pageAntropic principle: In 1974, physicist Brandon Carter raised a disturbing idea: the conditions that always govern the Universe ... Read page