Is there life in other universes?

Is there life in other universes?

So far, efforts to find life beyond Earth have not yielded any results. We may not be looking in the right way ... or in the right place. In recent decades, science poses a new possibility: can there be life in other universes?

For string theory there is an infinite number of universes parallel to ours. It is what is known by the name of multiverse. The reality we perceive is only one among the infinites that exist. Some of these universes are very different from ours. Others, completely identical. Although its existence has not yet been proven, it is not about science fiction, but a theoretical and real scientific model.

According to the multiverse model, each universe has its own physical laws. In some universes these laws do not make life possible, and they are empty. But in others there is life. In fact, with an infinite number of universes, all probabilities are met. Just as if we roll a dice infinitely, all the numbers end up coming out.

Incredible as it may seem, in some other universe there is another me doing exactly the same as me. While in another universe there is another me doing what I did not do. Some scientists interpret the multiverse as the place where all quantum probabilities are fulfilled, that is, all the probabilities that reality can take. Thus, in another universe Elvis is still alive. And all the odds are equally real. The life of the different universes overlaps.

How can we know if there is life in other universes? Einstein and Rosen raised the theory of wormholes. Mathematically they are possible. Wormholes allow travel in space, in time, and also to other parallel universes. But its existence has not yet been proven.

The idea that there is life in other universes is strange, but it is a real consequence of string theory. Some scientists defend it, while others discard it. It is also possible that multiverses exist, but their realities are not as we suppose.

For some, like Richard Feynman, it is absurd to ask whether there is life in other universes. If we cannot access them, it doesn't matter if there is life or not. And if we can access, they become part of our universe, understood as everything that exists and can be known. Then they would no longer be different universes. So what happens in other parallel universes is a matter of philosophy, but not of physics.

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