Technology and technology

Technology and technology

This chapter contains texts on the techniques and technologies that are used to better understand the Space, but also on what space research has contributed and contributes to our daily lives.

The first astronomical observation instrument was the human eye, whose possibilities are limited. The development of an observational astronomy suffered these limitations until the early seventeenth century, when Galileo built the first astronomical telescope.

Astronomical telescopes can be of two types: refractors and reflectors. A refracting telescope is basically composed of a lens, a lens and an eyepiece. These instruments present the problem of chromatic aberration and spherical aberration. The reflector telescopes use mirrors as the objective. They were first built in England in the 17th century; The most famous was built by Newton.

Another way of knowing the Universe is by studying other radiations, in addition to light. Radio astronomy is the science that studies celestial objects by detecting and analyzing the electromagnetic radiation they emit in the range of wavelengths, ranging from 1 millimeter to 30 meters.

Obviously, if we approach the objects of study or, at a minimum, we can improve the conditions of observation, we will obtain better results. The development of the missile has meant that we can send instruments and people beyond the Earth's atmosphere.

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