Articles about astronautics

Articles about astronautics

In the history of astronomy there is a before and after the moment, still close, in which humans were able to leave space.

The law of universal gravitation, enunciated by Isaac Newton, says that any particle of matter attracts each of the others with a force directly proportional to the product of their respective masses and inversely to the square of the distance that separates them.

As the stars are in constant motion, the centrifugal force caused by this movement partially counteracts gravitational attraction, creating a very complex tangle of interactions between some bodies and others.

The gravity that interests us in this case, that of the Earth, is very powerful. It keeps us on its surface and shapes our entire world. At an intuitive level we know that every body released in the air will fall in the direction of the Earth's center of gravity with an acceleration, that is, its movement will be faster and faster as time goes by.

Beating this force was the first astronautics challenge. But not the only one. The conditions that the materials used and the possible living beings should endure are extreme. Even so, since the mid-twentieth century, many efforts have been devoted to travel through space, beyond the Earth's atmosphere.

This chapter contains a series of articles on astronautics.

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