Vega star. The stars

Vega star. The stars

Vega is a star of the first magnitude located in the constellation Lira. It is the fifth brightest star in the entire night sky, and the second brightest in the northern celestial hemisphere, behind Arthur. It is only 25 light-years from Earth, being one of the brightest stars near the Solar System.

Vega is a star that has been considered as zero value, both in color and visual magnitude. Its B-V color index, after subtracting the values ​​of the blue and green filters, is zero. Zero is also its apparent magnitude when viewed from Earth. Due to its high rotation speed it undergoes unusual flattening, in addition to a notable difference in surface temperatures, which are recorded both at its equator and at the poles, one of which points towards the Earth.

Another peculiarity of Vega is the dust disk that surrounds the star. It is likely that the Sun was also surrounded in this way several billion years ago. Vega's current album could be the origin of a future planetary system similar to ours. It is even probable that at present it already has more than one planet of the Jovian or Neptunian type.

The dust disk surrounding Vega includes debris or debris from past collisions between asteroids. They could also be small protoplanetary objects that fractured and formed a structure similar to our Kuiper Belt.

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