Orion: young star. The stars

Orion: young star. The stars

The Hubble telescope continues to reveal striking and intricate treasures nearby; in this case, an intense star formation region known as the Great Orion Nebula. This jewel is a shocking loop around a very young star, LL Orion, shown in this photo.

This arc-shaped structure is actually a shock wave of half a year-light in size, created when the stellar wind coming from the young star LL Orionis collides with the flow coming from the Orion Nebula. Adrift, within the star cradle of Orion, and still in its formation phase, the variable star LL Orionis generates a more energetic wind than the wind of our own Sun, a middle-aged star. As the rapid star wind collides with the gas that moves slowly, a shock front is formed analogous to the wave that creates the bow of a ship moving through the water or an airplane traveling at supersonic speed.

About 1,500 light-years away, within our spiral arm in the Milky Way, the Orion Nebula is at the center of the Sword region of the constellation Orion the Hunter, which dominates the night sky in early winter , in the northern latitudes.

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