Antares star. The stars

Antares star. The stars

From the end of March to the month of August you can see the star Antares in the sky, one of the brightest during those dates. It appears at the beginning of the night, and the best time to see it is in the month of June.

Antares is located at a distance of approximately 550 light years from Earth. According to scientists, in this star various astrophysical phenomena of the most varied and interesting take place. It is a super giant star, which has a surface temperature of around 3,500 degrees Celsius. It is of type M, and is up to 6,000 times brighter than our sun.

All these peculiarities imply that Antares has a large mass, up to fifteen times greater than that of the Sun. In terms of its size, it is close to 800 solar radii, which represents about 3.7 times the average distance between the Sun and the earth. This means that, if Antares were the star of our Solar System, its atmosphere would occupy the interplanetary medium to the vicinity of Jupiter, submerging Earth and Mars.

Antares is a star that is much more evolved than the Sun, and will reach the end of its life exploding like a supernova, which will probably lead to a black hole. Together with Deneb and Betelgeuse, Antares is part of the closest group of stars in which this spectacular phenomenon is likely to occur in the next ten thousand years. In the photo, Antares is the yellow star located in the center-right, in the constellation Scorpio.

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