Bigger stars. The stars

Bigger stars. The stars

The largest star in the known Universe is 165,000 times larger than our Sun, and is called NML Cygni. Its size is so gigantic that inside it could contain up to 165 billion planets the size of the Earth. The NML star Cygni is large enough to get from Earth to the orbit of Jupiter in our Solar System. NML Cygni is 5,300 light years from Earth.

The second largest star identified by man is WOH G64. It is located more than 160,000 light years away from Earth, so scientists are still trying to measure its exact size. In addition, there is a dust field around the star that adds difficulty in measuring its perimeter. This star is found in the Great Magellanic Cloud, and its size is calculated at 1,540 times that of the Sun.

By size, the star VX Sagittarii is the third largest discovered so far. It is a hypergiant pulsating variable star. This means that it changes volume and temperature while pressing or expanding and contracting over the years. VX Sagittarii has come to measure up to 1,520 times more than the Sun. It receives its name by its location, in the constellation Sagittarius, located in the Milky Way.

Given the progress made continuously in space probes and telescopes, it would not be unusual for new stars to be discovered larger than the ones reviewed here soon.

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