Milky Way Center. Galaxias Photos

Milky Way Center. Galaxias Photos

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Astronomers are aware of some capricious objects that exist in the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, such as vast clouds of cosmic dust, radiant star clusters, gaseous swirls and, of course, a supermassive black hole.

Much of the galactic center is hidden from any observation in visible light by dense clouds of gas and dust, but can be explored by other forms of electromagnetic radiation.

This spectacular image, in infrared light, of the center of our galaxy, was constructed from the data of the Intermediate Space Experiment, aboard the MSX satellite.

This image, product of the three-band mapping of the intermediate infrared, invisible to the human eye, and its coding in the visible colors red, green and blue, reveals the thermal emission of dust clouds circumfered to the galactic center, which are heated by the intense luminosity of the stars. The galactic plane extends along the midline of this photograph, while the galactic center is the easily recognizable bright spot.

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