The M64 galaxy. Galaxias Photos

The M64 galaxy. Galaxias Photos

A collision between two galaxies has resulted in a system that looks unusual and has curious internal movements. Messier 64 (M64) features a spectacular dark band of dust particles that absorb the light just in front of the galaxy's core. This appearance has served for this object to receive the nickname "Black Eye Galaxy" or "Evil Eye Galaxy". The Hubble Space Telescope has revealed that this object hides a complex history and a dynamics no less interesting.

M64 seems to be a typical spiral galaxy. As with most galaxies, all M64 stars are rotating in the same direction. M64 rotates clockwise. However, studies conducted during the 1990s led to the conclusion that interstellar gas in the outermost regions of this galaxy rotates in the opposite direction to that of the innermost.

Astronomers believe that the masses of gas in opposite rotation formed when M64 absorbed a satellite galaxy that collided with it, possibly more than a billion years ago. This small galaxy has been virtually destroyed, although there are still signs of this collision in the movement of the gas located on the outer edge of M64.

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