Omega Centauri. Shows in the Universe

Omega Centauri. Shows in the Universe

The photograph shows the biggest star ball in our Galaxy. About 10 million stars orbit the center of this globular cluster, called Omega Centauri, as this globular cluster orbits our own galactic center.

Recent evidence indicates that Omega Centauri is by far the most massive of the approximately 150 globular clusters known in the Milky Way.

Omega Centauri, listed as NGC 5139, expands about 150 light years and is about 15,000 light years away, and can be seen without visual help in the constellation of Centaurus.

The stars in the globular clusters are normally old, redder and less massive than our Sun. If we study this class cumulus we can find out not only the history of our Galaxy but also the limits on the age of the Universe.

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