Local Group Galaxy. Shows in the Universe

Local Group Galaxy. Shows in the Universe

The nearby galaxy NGC 6822 is irregular in many ways. First, the distribution of stars in the galaxy deserves the formal classification of irregular dwarf, and from our point of view the small galaxy seems almost rectangular.

What seemed most peculiar to astronomers, however, is the unusually high abundance of HG regions of NGC 6822, areas of ionized hydrogen that surround young stars. Large HII regions, also known as emission nebulae, are visible surrounding the small galaxy, particularly towards the upper right. In the lower left there are bright stars that are loosely grouped in one arm.

Illustrated in this photograph, NGC 6822, also known as the Barnard Galaxy, is located just 1.5 million light years from Earth and is therefore a member of our Local Group of Galaxies. This galaxy, home of famous nebulae including Hubble V, is visible with a small telescope towards the constellation Sagittarius.

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