NGC 1850 cluster. Shows in the Universe

NGC 1850 cluster. Shows in the Universe

There is nothing similar in our own galaxy. There are no globular clusters here as young as NGC 1850.

Globular clusters of only 40 million years old can still be found in the neighboring LMC galaxy, but perhaps none as unusual as NGC 1850.

A detailed inspection of the photograph reveals two clusters. Below, to the right of the main group of stars known as NGC 1850 A, there is a smaller and even younger group called NGC 1850B. This cluster is made up of stars just four million years old.

The large red cloud of gas that surrounds the clusters, may have been created, for the most part, by explosions of star supernovae located in the younger cluster. In the upper left you can see the red supernova remnant N57D.

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