Witch's head Shows in the Universe

Witch's head Shows in the Universe

This image perfectly illustrates the reason why the Witch Head nebula gets its name. The prominent nose and the protruding chin leave no doubt. Witch's Head is a reflection nebula that is associated with the bright star Rigel. They are found in the constellation Orion, approximately 1,000 light-years from Earth.

The Witch's Head nebula is also known as IC 2118. It is bluish in color not only because of the influence of the Rigel star, but also because of the small dust grains in the nebula, which reflect blue light more efficiently than the red

The Rigel star is 800 light-years from our Sun, and it is estimated that it is a blue supergiant. Rigel has a diameter of 116 million kilometers, being 84 times larger than our star and 55,000 times brighter.

The appearance and shape of this nebula suggest that it might have some relationship with the massive stars of the Orion OB1 star association. It is very possible that the stellar winds and the radiation of said association of stars were those that gave their original form to Witch Head.

To locate the Witch Head nebula in the sky, just look for the bright star Rigel, in the constellation Orion. After observing the Tres Marías, we draw a line down at an angle of 90 degrees and we will find Rigel. It can be seen better in the Southern Hemisphere during the summer, and in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter months.

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