Works area. Astronomical digital images

Works area. Astronomical digital images

It seems that the stars and planets are under construction in the dusty RCW 49 nebula. This false color infrared image of the Spitzer Space Telescope shows us how the known hot stars are getting clear the central area of ​​the nebula, which is a real nursery stellar.

This hole reveals about 300 newborn stars, which we see here through the clouds and filaments of cosmic dust. Infrared data indicate that the presence of protoplanetary discs is likely around some of the young stars, and would be among the weakest and farthest planetary formation discs that have been observed.

These interesting results support the idea that planetary formation discs are part of a star's natural evolution. The busy RCW 49 measures about 350 light years, and is only 14,000 light years away, in the constellation Centaur.

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