Paranal Hill Observing the Universe

Paranal Hill Observing the Universe

In this photo we see part of the astronomical Observatory of Cerro Paranal, north of Chile. It is governed by ESO (European Southern Observatory) and is one of the most important optical observatories in the world.

In Cerro Paranal the VTL (Very Large Telescope) is located since 1996, at more than 2,600 ms of altitude. It consists of 4 main and 4 auxiliary telescopes, which carry out several of the main astronomical programs today.

The location of the Paranal observatory is not accidental. Chile has the cleanest skies on the planet, especially the northern zone. Due to its climatic conditions, altitude and low light, environmental and electromagnetic pollution, Chile has become the first astronomical reference worldwide.

In addition to the observatories of Paranal and La Silla, dependent on ESO, it has other major astronomical centers in the world, such as the Ibero-American Observatory of Cerro Totolo, Gemini Observatory of Cerro Pachón, Las Campanas, Llano de Chajnator, El Roble, etc. New projects are planned in the Atacama desert for the coming years.

Lately, Chile is promoting a new way of observing the Universe: astronomical tourism, increasingly known among amateur astronomers around the world.

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