Kepler-62 star. Extrasolar planets

Kepler-62 star. Extrasolar planets

The Kepler space telescope has been an excellent instrument for discovering extrasolar planets in the Milky Way. In recent years he has discovered several thousand candidates for extrasolar planets and more than 100 confirmed. This is the case of the five exoplanets found around the star Kepler-62.

Kepler-62, whose reproduction by simulation can be seen in the image, is one thousand two hundred light years from Earth. Some of the planets in their orbit are very interesting because of their size and composition. This is the case of Kepler-62f and Kepler-62e, the two outermost of the five planets discovered around the star. Both have a size somewhat larger than our planet and could be composed of rock or ice.

These extrasolar planets, because of their distance to Kepler-62, receive an amount of radiation very similar to that coming from the Sun to Venus and Mars. This distance from the planet to its star is called habitable zone, since it allows to have water in liquid state.

Kepler-62 is not the only star that has extrasolar planets located in a habitable zone. The star Kepler-22, very similar to the Sun, has also been located near this star, with an exoplanet whose radius is 2.4 times the Earth.

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