Kepler-62f. Extrasolar planets

Kepler-62f. Extrasolar planets

In the image you can see the recreation made by NASA of the planet Kepler-62f. It is one of the two outermost exoplanets of the five that were discovered by the Kepler probe. It is in orbit around the star called Kepler-62, which is 20% brighter than our sun.

The astronomers responsible for the project, belonging to the University of Notre Dame, in the United States, have confirmed the resemblance of Kepler-62f with the Earth. This is due to its similar radius and its orbital period. They consider that it could be a solid planet, with a composition of rock or ice water.

The Kepler-62f exoplanet has a radius 1.4 times greater than the terrestrial one, and due to its proximity to its star, Kepler-62, it is in the so-called habitable zone. It takes to complete a full return to his star about nine months. Other planets of this system, because of its proximity to the star, only take six days, so its temperature is very high.

According to NASA studies, there is a possibility that this planet is covered with oceans. As for its temperature, it is considered that Kepler-62f is a fairly cold exoplanet, with a climate similar to that of Alaska

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