Kepler-62e Extrasolar planets

Kepler-62e Extrasolar planets

Kepler-62e is one of the five extrasolar planets that belong to the star Kepler-62. It is 1,200 light years from Earth, and its size is somewhat larger than that of the Kepler-62f exoplanet. Both planets are within the considered habitable zone, although Kepler-62e is a little further from its star.

Both exoplanets are located in the constellation Lyra. The image shows a comparison of sizes, between them and with the Earth. It has a mass much larger than our planet, which is why it is called its super earth. Its size is estimated to be 60 percent larger than Earth, and it makes a complete orbit around its sun in a period of 122 days.

Kepler-62-e obtains 20% more energy from its star than it reaches the Earth from the Sun. This energy is received in the form of heat and radiation. It is believed that its sky is always very cloudy, and that it is a warm and humid planet.

The Kepler-62e exoplanet was located using the transit method. The process consists in measuring the attenuation effect that a planet causes as it passes in front of its star. Kepler-62e is composed mostly of iron silicate rocks, and the possibility of having water in a liquid state is quite plausible.

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