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Solar flares The Sun, Mercury and Venus

Solar flares The Sun, Mercury and Venus

Coronal mass ejections emit billions of tons of solar energy, releasing electrified gas into space, expelling the old solar magnetic field and allowing a new one to be formed with reverse orientation and renewed energy.

The solar magnetic field is reversed every 11 years. During this period the activity of the Sun goes from being calm to very active and then decreases again. These ejections of solar coronal mass affect our daily lives: they cause problems in satellite electronics, radio communications and energy systems.

Apparently, random coronal mass ejections are indicators of an internal solar rearrangement: they eject into space the "disordered" magnetic fields created by sunspots and other phenomena. These ejections reach a climax after the maximum peak of sunspots. The result is a Sun with its completely inverted magnetic field in which its magnetic poles have been exchanged.

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