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The planet Mercury. The Sun, Mercury and Venus

The planet Mercury. The Sun, Mercury and Venus

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. It is approximately 58 million km away from the Sun and has a diameter of 4,875 km. Mercury orbits around the Sun every 88 days (year of the planet). Radar studies of the planet show that it rotates on its axis once every 58, 7 days or every two thirds of its orbital period; therefore, it rotates once and a half on its axis during each orbital period. Since its surface is steep, porous and dark rock, Mercury is a bad reflector of sunlight.

Mercury is the smallest of the solid or terrestrial planets. In 1974 an American interplanetary probe, the Mariner 10, made three passages in its vicinity, transmitting the images of an intensely craterized world without atmosphere, which looks like a larger twin of the Moon.

Mercury has a density completely analogous to terrestrial, 5.42 g / cm3, suggesting a high percentage of iron in the interior composition of the planet. As a consequence of the high mass of the planet, gravity on its surface is comparable to that of Mars: about 50 percent of the earth's.

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