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Volcano Maat Mons. The Sun, Mercury and Venus

Volcano Maat Mons. The Sun, Mercury and Venus

On the surface of Venus there are several volcanoes, and the Maat Mons is the tallest on the planet. It has a height of eight kilometers above the main radius of the planet, and a boiler of 28x31 kilometers in diameter. Inside the boiler there are at least five other smaller collapsed craters, with a diameter of 10 kilometers.

The Maat Mons volcano is named after the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice, Maat. Throughout its history, it is believed that two major landslides have taken place in its structure. The image of the volcano was taken by the Magellan probe, and shows signs of lava flow from the craters.

In fact, radar surveys conducted by the Magallanes probe have shown evidence that, recently, there has been volcanic activity in Maat Mons. The clearest indications are the presence of ash flows near the summit and on the north flank of the volcano.

Already in the decade of the 80, the probes of the mission Pioneer Venus confirmed that there was a considerable variation of the concentrations of sulfur dioxide and methane in the middle and upper atmosphere of Venus. The most plausible explanation would be a possible injection of volcanic gases into the atmosphere produced by the eruptions of the Maat Mons volcano. Although it is more than evident that Venus is a volcanically active planet, recent eruptions of the Maat Mons have not been confirmed.

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