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Earth's surface. The Earth, the Moon and Mars

Earth's surface. The Earth, the Moon and Mars

Photo from the space of the southern tip of Greenland, the largest island on planet Earth. The dark color of the space contrasts greatly with the whiteness of the clouds, ice and snow. The only real color is the blue of the Atlantic Ocean and the Labrador Sea.

The lack of clouds along the southern coastal area emphasizes the fjords along the coast. A closer view of the white areas reveals three different features - snow and ice on the ground; cloud formations over the central region and the eastern and western sides of the island; and volute-shaped ice that floats away from the southwest end of the coast plagued with fjords, which are driven by the Greenland East Stream to the south-southwest, and ice block formations in the north along the Eastern Shore.

Greenland has the only surviving continental glacier in the Northern Hemisphere. This ice sheet covers seven eighths of Greenland's surface and contains eleven percent of all Earth's drinking water.

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