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Earth's interior. Drawings, interior of the planets

Earth's interior. Drawings, interior of the planets

The globe is formed by a solid crust, the lithosphere that has an average thickness of 90 km. and a predominant composition of silicone rocks. Immediately below is the mantle, which reaches an approximate depth of 2,900 km., Characterized by rocky material in a semi-fluid state.

Even further down, to the center of the Earth, there is a core with a majority composition of iron that, in its outermost part, from 2,900 km. at 1,800 km. deep, it is in a fluid state; in the innermost part it is again in solid state.

The densities of these layers range from a minimum of 2.8 g / cm3 in the lithosphere, to a maximum of 13.5 g / cm3 in the inner core.

The movements of fluids inside the Earth and the electric currents generated by them, are at the base of the intense magnetic field that surrounds our planet and that takes the name of Magnetosphere.

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