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Titan interior. Drawings, interior of the planets

Titan interior. Drawings, interior of the planets

Titan is the largest satellite on the planet Saturn. It seems that it is the only astral body that, next to Earth, has liquid on its surface. But its seas have methane instead of water, and many scientists believe it could house some form of life.

Investigations conducted by the Cassini Probe on Titan have revealed that a part of the surface of this moon of Saturn had shifted from its position about 30 kilometers. This suggests that below the surface of the satellite there could be liquid, and according to the data sent by Cassini this liquid could be water.

Among the possible explanations that scientists ask about these discoveries, is that Titan is a solid body that has a higher density on its surface than inside. For the researcher Rose-Marie Baland of the Royal Observatory of Belgium, this explanation contradicts all that is known so far about the formation of planets and their satellites.

Other members of the scientific community suggest the possibility that Titan may not be totally solid, but rather that it contains a layer of ice covered by an ocean of liquid water, an icy mantle and a rocky core. The depth of this ocean cannot be estimated, but mathematical models reveal that it could be up to 250 kilometers deep flowing under an ice sheet about 50 kilometers thick.

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