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Photo of Comet Linear. Mounts and kites

Photo of Comet Linear. Mounts and kites

Comet Linear C / 1999 S4 was discovered in October 1999 when it was still at the height of Jupiter's orbit by the automatic tracking and detection system of near-Earth objects, known as LINEAR.

At first it was calculated that the comet could have a nucleus between one and two kilometers in diameter and is very likely, as it has behaved as it has approached the perihelion, which is the first (and last) time it visits near the Sun. However, some researchers think that the comet's nucleus may not be more than 200 to 300 meters in diameter.

When the comet was discovered and its orbit and ephemeris were calculated, it was seen that during the month of July 2000 it could reach the apparent magnitude 3.5 and, thus, be visible to the naked eye. During the month of January 2000 the comet shone around magnitude 14 and in March it reached 13.

After the period of invisibility through the conjunction, in May, only two months before its perigee and perihelion, the 1999 S4 LINEAR was observed with a magnitude 11, therefore, within reach of medium to small aperture telescopes.

In June it reached the 9th and since the end of that month it was rapidly increasing its luminosity to shine around the magnitude 5. 5 in July, on the dates close to its passage through the perihelion.

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