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Storms in Jupiter. The Sun and the giant planets

Storms in Jupiter. The Sun and the giant planets

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Two of the largest storm systems in Jupiter are colliding, and no one is sure what will result. The biggest storm is the famous Great Red Spot, while the smallest is a large white oval.

Both are rotating cloud systems that circulate in Jupiter. The white oval is part of a cloud belt that circulates Jupiter faster than the Great Red Spot.

The oval began to be stopped by the Great Red Spot two weeks ago and the collision could last another month. The oval is likely to survive, but it may be destabilized or absorbed. The two storm systems met at least once before, in 1975, causing the red spot to fade for several years.

The Voyager 2 robot ship took the present image of the Great Red Spot of Jupiter in 1979. Another white oval was visible then, under the Spot.

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