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Venus transit. Solar System Details

Venus transit. Solar System Details

The unusual transit of Venus through the disk of the Sun, in early June 2004, was one of the best photographed events in the history of the study of heaven. There was a flood of scientific and artistic images from the areas where traffic could be seen: Europe and much of Asia, Africa and North America.

From a scientific point of view, solar photographers confirmed that the effect of the 'black drop' is actually more related to the clarity with which the camera or telescope is seen than with the atmosphere of Venus.

Artistically, the images could be divided into several categories. A guy captures the traffic against a highly detailed Sun. Another category captures a double coincidence, such as Venus and an airplane profiled simultaneously, or Venus and the International Orbital Station in the low orbit around the Earth.

A third type of images involves a random arrangement of clouds of interesting appearance, as shown for example in this photograph that was taken in North Carolina, USA. In it, the huge and distant sphere of Venus could have been confused at first sight with an unusually circular small cloud.

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