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Solar cloud. The Sun and the giant planets

Solar cloud. The Sun and the giant planets

In the image we can see the plasma cloud that the Sun expelled on August 31, 2013. The image was taken by the SOHO space probe, responsible for monitoring our star permanently since 1995. The solar cloud took a long time to arrive on Earth three days.

Our solar star launched a plasma cloud at 100,000 degrees Fahrenheit towards Earth, traveling at more than 1,448 kilometers per second. The NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory studied this large filament. When the image was taken, it was about 30 Lands.

This plasma cloud emitted by the Sun has not been the largest launched by our star. In August 2010, our star launched a filament that reached up to 50 times the size of our planet before exploding.

Around these great solar emanations there is always speculation with dire consequences for our planet. Especially, we talk about possible problems in communication systems, which would be affected by a malfunction of telecommunications satellites.

But these huge plasma solar flares also have a positive side. In the case of the one in August 2013, it gave rise to spectacular northern lights, intensely colorful. This was evidenced by the scientists of the Shelios expedition of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, who were in southern Greenland at that time.

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