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Venus to the natural. Solar System Details

Venus to the natural. Solar System Details

This image of the Galileo ship shows what exactly Venus is like. Venus is very similar to the Earth in size and mass and therefore it is sometimes referred to as the sister planet of the Earth.

Venus has a quite different climate from Earth. The thick clouds of Venus and its proximity to the Sun (only Mercury is closer) make it the hottest planet, much more than Earth. The human being could not survive there, and life of any kind has never been found. When Venus is visible it is usually the brightest object in the sky, behind the Sun and the moon.

More than 20 ships have already visited Venus, such as the Venera 9, which landed on its surface, and the Magellan, who used a radar to make its way through the clouds and obtained a map of the surface.

This image in visible light of Venus was made by the Galileo ship, which was in orbit around Jupiter from 1995 to 2003. There are still many things we do not know about Venus, as the cause of its mysterious bursts of radio waves.

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